Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Senate elects committee chairs

Twelve presidents were elected to Senate committees today, with two committees (Defence and EU Affairs) still to come. Of the twelve, eleven presidents came from the centre-left. Only one - industry - went to a Forzista. See the Senate's news page.

For all the fuss that Berlusconi's made about the left's 'occupation' of all important posts, the left has been more generous to the right in 2006 than the right was to the left in 2001, when all fourteen commission presidents came from the centre-right coalition. In part, this is because the left doesn't have a majority in all commissions. Industry went to Scarabosio because of the defection of one Senator for abroad, who is on the margins of the centre-left coalition.

The most surprising result in fact comes from the election of Giorgio Benvenuto as president of the Finance commission. Seems the centre-left managed to persuade one centre-right senator to jump ship. Poor whipping on the part of the centre right. They're never going to be able to exploit the centre-left in the Senate if they keep this standard.

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