Monday, July 03, 2006

Majority infight #2

Majority infight number two comes from a different quarter: Clemente Mastella (Udeur), Justice Minister, makes ominous noises about withdrawing from the government coalition and pledging instead 'external support' to the Prodi government - and this because the coalition's recently-announced plan to liberalise various professions touches on certain functions previously assigned to the Justice Minister.

  1. When Mastella talks about "espropriazioni di titolarità che toccano [a lui]", does he mean grants of authority somehow contained in a written statement of the Justice ministry's remit, or simply authority given to the Justice Minister by previous laws? If the latter, his outburst seems a bit petulant
  2. Was this discussed in the Council of Ministers - and wouldn't Mastella have had the chance to bitch about it then?
  3. If Mastella did bitch about it then - and was sufficiently annoyed to threaten 'appoggio esterno', did no-one react to this threat?
  4. Does he actually believe that a Justice Minister in this day and age should have authority over professional associations in a manner that, in some cases, harks back to the Fascist era?
(By the way, if anyone can find the text of the 'decreto Bersani', they're better at using the Gazzetta Ufficiale site than I. Not that that necessarily says much, or that one would even wish to claim such a thing).
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