Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lady Rutelli giornalista per Silvio

Thanks to a national strike of journalists, there is no print news today. This event - which I can't imagine happening in the UK after Rupert Murdoch's move to Wapping - came as a pleasant surprise. No longer the rush to catch up with and synthesise the daily flood of information.

In any event, there are some interesting stories. Francesco Rutelli's wife is going to work for Mediaset, which one can read either as confirmation of the already strong links between politics (in general) and the media (in general); a severe marital problem for the Rutelli, given the strong links between the right and Mediaset; or, a wise recognition on the part of Mrs. Rutelli that, had she taken the job she was offered at Rai, this would have caused no end of conflicts of interest.

In other news, Repubblica the same source (La Mescolanza) reports that six seats in Rai are shortly about to change hands: two radio news bulletins, the electoral broadcasts, Raisport, Rainews24, and RaiInternational.

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