Friday, September 01, 2006

Late-summer Games kick-off at Rai

Fighting over Rai's future direction has increased in tempo over the past few days. There are two levels: first, the administrative council, where the Treasury's representative, Angelo Maria Petroni, has been subject to some pressure to resign. Il Giornale talks of 'the operation to take-over Rai', and quotes Sandro Curzi, left-wing member of the Council. It's unclear however whether this 'take-over' has deep roots: Romano Prodi claims that, if the left has a plan for Rai, he doesn't know about it, and quips that, in any event, the Lebanese problem is easier to solve than the problem of Rai.

The second level is the executive level. Director-General Claudio Cappon must make a series of nominations to key posts in Rai. The first batch of nominations will be voted on by the Council of Administration meeting on September 6th; it will be important to see whether Cappon's nominations are all approved, and if so, by what majorities.

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