Monday, October 16, 2006

Past appointments in RTVE

Now that RTVE Director-General Carmen Caffarel is calling on politicians to name high-quality independent members of RTVE's future Board, I thought it might be useful to see whether, in the past, Directors-General have frequently been tossed out by over-mighty boards. I finally found this list of previous Directors-General. Let's have a look:
  1. Fernando Castedo (Jan '81 to Oct '81)
  2. Carlos Robles (Oct '81 to July '82)
  3. Eugenio Nasarre (Jul '82 to Dec '82)
  4. Jose-Maria Calvino (Dec '82 to Oct '86); appointed after PSOE victory of Dec '82;
  5. Pilar Miro (Oct '86 to Jan '89); appointed four months after election of June '86;
  6. Luis Solana (Jan '89 to Feb '90);
  7. Jordi Garcia (Feb '90 to May '96); survived election of 1993; appointed four months after election of (late) October 1989;
  8. Mónica Ridruejo (May '96 to Feb '97); appointed two months after PP victory of 1996;
  9. Fernando López-Amor (Feb '97 to Nov '98)
  10. Pío Cabanillas (Nov '98 to May '00);
  11. Javier González (May '00 to July '02); appointed two months after PP victory of 2000;
  12. José Antonio Sánchez Domínguez (July '02 to April '04);
  13. Carmen Caffarel (Apr '04 till present); appointed one month after PSoE victory in 2004 elections;

Thirteen directors-general in fifteen years. An almost perfect "political vulnerability score' - Alex Cukierman's index for the likelihood that an office will change hands within six months of a change in government (the exception may be Jordi Garcia, who survived the transition from a majority PSOE government to a minority government). A hard tradition to break?

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