Thursday, May 10, 2007

Public attitudes towards government intervention in the media

"People have clear views about how their health should be provided for, the economy should be managed, and the environment be protected, but attitudes towards government intervention in the communications field appear fitful and unfocused. Perhaps it is more difficult for people to have well-formulated views on the organization and control of institutions and technologies which are both remote and rapidly changing, or perhaps the role of government in this field is more obscure to the public—and thus, as the data record suggests, of less interest to social scientists"

Peter Golding and Leo van Snippenburg, in The Scope of Government

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journalist_2010 said...

We should adopt a system similar to the 'lassiez Farrez' whereby government intervention does not exist or is limited. Everything that governemt involves itself in turns really bad. Shouls we let it intervene in what takes place in the field of communication, we would end up being in a situation simimlar to the ones in Zimbabwe or Australia, where there is limited or no press freedom. I understand that governmtnt was placed to govern citizens but there is np need for it to control what is of no significance to it.