Sunday, November 05, 2006

Business as usual

Whilst the BBC struggles to clarify its position on news-readers wearing the veil, Rai nominates a number of office-holders. In short, business as usual. For completeness' sake, here are the nominees:

  • Luigi Meloni (Unione, allegedly) - vice-director, HR;
  • Alessandro Zucca (CdL, allegedly) - vice-director, HR;
  • Valerio Fiorespino - vice-director, TV Resources;
  • Giancarlo d'Arma - vice-director, Acquisitions
I continue to wonder where journalists get alleged party affiliations of Rai employees. It seems to be a sort of common knowledge open to those in a certain field. Certainly, I doubt any of these individuals are card-carrying members of any party; affiliations seem to imputed based on friendships and career progression. For example - Valerio Fiorespino's career did well under the left (until 2001 he was director of Human Resources); it did poorly under the right. Therefore, runs the logic, he must be of the left. A very slender basis for such a judgement.

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