Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Music for today´s bar fiasco shift

boards of canadageogaddi09 The Smallest Weird Number
cantago mago02 - Mushroom
airthe virgin suicides09 - Afternoon Sister
clinicinternal wrangler03 - Internal Wrangler
boards of canadageogaddi14 Alpha And Omega
the knifesharp cut12 Got 2 Let U
the arcade firefuneral02 Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
boards of canadamusic has the right to children07 Turquoise Hexagon Sun
stereototalmusique automatique10 La Pequeña Melodia
clinicinternal wrangler02 - The Return Of Evil Bill
curtis mayfieldgive it up14 - Give It Up
clinicinternal wrangler09 - Distortions
boards of canadageogaddi08 Julie And Candy
clinicinternal wrangler01 - Voodoo Wop
boards of canadageogaddi15 I Saw Drones
clinicinternal wrangler14 - Goodnight Georgie
boards of canadamusic has the right to children16 Open The Light
herbie hancock04 - Vein Melter
airthe virgin suicides13 - Suicide Underground
the knifesharp cut17 The Bridge
clinicinternal wrangler04 - DJ Shangri-La
the arcade firefuneral08 Haiti
cantago mago07 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea
the knifesharp cut10 Is It Medicine
stereototalmusique automatique11 Le Diable
boards of canadamusic has the right to children03 The Colour of the Fire
stereototalmusique automatique06 Kleptomane
curtis mayfieldgive it up03 - Mighty Mighty (Spade And Whitey)
the knifesharp cut03 Pass This On
boards of canadamusic has the right to children01 Wildlife Analysis
clinicinternal wrangler10 - Hippy Death Suite
boards of canadageogaddi19 Dawn Chorus
curtis mayfieldgive it up02 - Move On Up
boards of canadageogaddi17 A Is To B As B Is To C
clinicinternal wrangler11 - 2nd Foot Stomp
boards of canadamusic has the right to children15 Smokes Quantity
boards of canadageogaddi06 Sunshine Recorder
boards of canadamusic has the right to children10 Rougbiv
airthe virgin suicides01 - Playground Love
stereototalmusique automatique15 Hep Onalti'da
stereototalmusique automatique14 Ypsilon
boards of canadamusic has the right to children17 One Very Important Thought
curtis mayfieldgive it up09 - We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
boards of canadamusic has the right to children04 Telephasic Workshop
boards of canadageogaddi23 Magic Window
the arcade firefuneral06 Crown Of Love
the knifesharp cut13 Behind The Bushes
stereototalmusique automatique12 Nationale 7
stereototalmusique automatique08 Für Immer 16
clinicinternal wrangler13 - .
boards of canadamusic has the right to children11 Rue the Whirl
curtis mayfieldgive it up07 - Billy Jack
the knifesharp cut04 One For Your
the arcade firefuneral09 Rebellion (Lies)
boards of canadageogaddi13 Opening The Mouth
airthe virgin suicides08 - Highschool Lover
boards of canadamusic has the right to children12 Aquarius
the knifesharp cut14 Hanging Out
curtis mayfieldgive it up11 - Back To The World
boards of canadamusic has the right to children09 Bocuma
the knifesharp cut07 She's Having A Baby
airthe virgin suicides10 - Ghost Song
airthe virgin suicides03 - Bathroom Girl
stereototalmusique automatique01 Musique Automatique
herbie hancock02 - Watermelon Man
boards of canadageogaddi10 1969
curtis mayfieldgive it up04 - We Got To Have Peace
curtis mayfieldgive it up06 - If I Were Only A Child Again
curtis mayfieldgive it up13 - People Get Ready
clinicinternal wrangler08 - Earth Angel
curtis mayfieldgive it up05 - Never Say You Can't Survive
the arcade firefuneral07 Wake Up
the knifesharp cut11 You Make Me Like Charity
airthe virgin suicides07 - Dirty Trip
boards of canadamusic has the right to children08 Kaini Industries
airthe virgin suicides06 - The Word 'Hurricane'
boards of canadamusic has the right to children13 Olson
stereototalmusique automatique03 Ma Radio
curtis mayfieldgive it up08 - Superfly
the arcade firefuneral10 In The Backseat
airthe virgin suicides11 - Empty House
stereototalmusique automatique13 Exakt Neutral
stereototalmusique automatique07 Adieu Adieu
the knifesharp cut08 You Take My Breath Away
boards of canadageogaddi12 The Beach At Redpoint
herbie hancock03 - Sly
boards of canadageogaddi05 Dandelion
cantago mago03 - Oh Yeah
boards of canadageogaddi01 Ready Lets Go
boards of canadamusic has the right to children05 Triangles & Rhombuses
stereototalmusique automatique05 Les Chansons D'a
boards of canadageogaddi20 Diving Station
boards of canadageogaddi02 Music Is Math
the knifesharp cut06 Listen Now
boards of canadageogaddi16 The Devil Is In The Details
stereototalmusique automatique02 L'Amour À 3
airthe virgin suicides02 - Clouds Up
the arcade firefuneral01 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
curtis mayfieldgive it up10 - Underground
herbie hancock01 - Chameleon
the arcade firefuneral03 Une Annee Sans Lumiere
stereototalmusique automatique04 Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck
boards of canadageogaddi07 In The Annexe
the knifesharp cut05 The Cop
the arcade firefuneral05 Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
the arcade firefuneral04 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
boards of canadamusic has the right to children14 Pete Standing Alone
boards of canadageogaddi18 Over The Horizon Radar
curtis mayfieldgive it up01 - Wild And Free
boards of canadageogaddi22 Corsair
the knifesharp cut15 This Is Now
the knifesharp cut02 Girls' Night Out
airthe virgin suicides04 - Cemetary Party
cantago mago01 - Paperhouse
curtis mayfieldgive it up12 - Keep On Keeping On
boards of canadageogaddi04 Gyroscope
the knifesharp cut16 Handy-Man
boards of canadageogaddi11 Energy Warning
airthe virgin suicides12 - Dead Bodies
clinicinternal wrangler05 - The Second Line
the knifesharp cut01 Heartbeats
clinicinternal wrangler06 - C.Q.
boards of canadamusic has the right to children06 Sixtyten
clinicinternal wrangler12 - 24
clinicinternal wrangler07 - T.K.
boards of canadageogaddi03 Beware The Friendly Stranger
boards of canadamusic has the right to children02 An Eagle in your Mind
stereototalmusique automatique09 Je Suis Une Poupée
the knifesharp cut09 Rock Classics
airthe virgin suicides05 - Dark Messages
boards of canadageogaddi21 You Could Feel The Sky

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